Triad Wave - Brenda Williams

Ride the Triad Wave  … Be the Inspiration

Introducing THE TRIAD WAVE© – A new APP for your Android and iPhone devices that can be used alone or with your music playlist. In resonance with Schumann Resonance, its baseline and harmonics, re-engage the human body naturally and organically so that it can:

  • Access the alpha state – while remaining alert and awake
  • Stimulate oxytocin – creating a sense of safety
  • De-stress – balancing body, mind, and spirit resonance
  • Works in concert with the body’s three brains…head brain, heart brain and gut brain…to assure resonance within the primary assimilation, decoding and processing systems of the Human form.

:: How the APP Works with the Body ::

Human Potential

The human body is designed to assimilate, decode and utilize all stimuli and information it receives in a way that is in concert with the human body’s Original Blueprint Design. Unfortunately, over the centuries mankind has diminished the value of its multi-sensory systems and replaced them with the “thinking mind” as our means of survival.

The movement of The Triad Wave© engages the human body naturally and organically, encompassing all aspects of its physical design, thereby allowing it to recognize and engage the autonomic functions of all sensory systems, as well as our intuition and infrequently used sensory receptors.

The Triad Wave© moves within Schumann Resonance and its baseline and harmonics.  When used in concert with The API Process, participants engage the full complement of their unique Original blueprint design.

Each segment of The Triad Wave© has specific purpose:  establish resonance with planet; establish connection dimensionally with ability to return to point of origin; connect brain delivery system with heart and gut intelligence…in some definitions, connecting brain, mind and body.

  • Maintain consistency as sensory system (including the sensory receptors on the skin) delivers information to brain to deliver instructions to the hypothalamic axis (hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary) using whole brain system decoding and routing.
  • Accessing alpha state – while alert and awake – become the peacemaker
  • Stimulating oxytocin – creating a sense of safety
  • Sustainability to maintain balance and resonance while raising the amplitude or projection of intent in resonance with all that exists while maintaining a state of calm within the body systems.
:: How the APP Works on Devices ::

After downloading The Triad Wave© App, all you need do is activate it and let the wave run the background on your phone..

The Triad Wave© is a sub-acoustic sine wave below the level of human hearing, it can be run alone or silently in companion to any of your music, video or other media programs.

The sequencing of this multi-frequency wave is specific in its timing intervals, as well as the looping of the sequences which create an environment that is in perfect unison with the highest awareness of thought, Divine Intelligence, and absolute resonance with the planet upon which we live.

Enjoy these short music samplers from Steve Skudler’s Crystal Clear Music Series.

After downloading the TRIAD WAVE© APP, add these short selections to your music library.

Visit for more selections.

  • Crystal Clear
  • Soul Searching
  • Under a Million Stars
  • Rest Assured
  • Golden Silence